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What does the Infinite Solar do for you?

The Solar industry exists because the current solution to providing energy to our planet is ineffective. Among other things, it is expensive and causes global warming. At the current pace, global warming will cause irreversible damage to our planet which will have a disastrous effect on the quality of life for our future generations. Something needed to be done, a movement has begun, and Inifiniti Solar is dedicated to championing this cause!

Solar power is also a more cost-effective solution to providing electricity to one’s home. Our customers are able to gain control over their utility costs, which are beginning to see unsustainable price increases across the country. Our customers are also able to save a substantial amount of money by going solar while also joining us in our mission to solve our planet’s energy problem.

Why Infinite Solar for Installation in El Paso Region?

Please note that not all solar equipment is of the same quality!

Infinite’s Solar model is based on installing new systems while keeping future maintenance minimal. We know the best way to achieve this is by choosing Infinite Solar as your professional installation company who will ensure that all components are installed correctly. To put this simply, as a business we want to install your system and give you the peace of mind that you should not have to fix any warranty issues in the future. This philosophy aligns us with our customer’s goals, who wish to purchase a system and know that the system will work properly for them for years to come.

Commercial Projects

Public Spaces

Residential Homes


Reduce Energy Bill

Financial returns and lower monthly utility bills are major incentives for going solar.

Earn Tax Credits

There are several key solar provisions, including a five-year extension of the solar Investment Tax Credit (ITC), and a direct pay option for large projects when claiming the ITC.

Increase Property Value

A study by the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory yields a formula of a $5,000 resale value increase for every kilowatt (kW) of solar installed.

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